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Joe Thomas has over 28 years of experience performing overhauls and general maintenance on small to mid-size tractors. He provides the finest workmanship at a reasonable price.

Joe's Services is a Mahindra authorized dealer.
Specializes in:
  • Preventative maintenance
  • In and out of frame engine overhauls
  • Transmissions, rear ends, clutches and brakes
  • New and used parts
  • Map

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Fee structure:

  • $70.00 per hour in shop charge
  • Open Tue-Fri 9-5 and Sat. by appt. Please call ahead to make sure someone is there to assist you.


This is the byword when buying a tractor! Don't just buy some good-looking tractor. GO TO SCHOOL on tractors. The bad taste of a hasty decision is bitter!! Everyone selling tractors wants to sell you one of theirs. Joe is no different in that respect. However, he wants to repair the tractors that require maintenance in this area and he does not want to have to hide his head when a customer comes to him. He wants you to have a good feeling about his honesty and his repair business.

The following are the major areas to become educated in if not an expert in BEFORE you purchase a tractor:

  1. Are there parts available? (Only a reputable repair shop can answer this)
  2. Where will you get parts? (Only a reputable repair shop can answer this)
  3. Where was the tractor originally sold? If not in the US, learn about "Gray Market Tractors". Visit Kubota.com or John Deere on the web. THIS IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN YOU THINK!!!
  4. How does the dealer support you, for warranty and maintenance? A third party maybe?? (Not a good idea! Once the sale is done, he washes his hands with you. You have no recourse or leverage.)
  5. Where will your support take place? Local or distant. Any 'On Site' options? - Any 'Pick up and Delivery' options? These can be significant issues if time or money is important
  6. Can you find out anything about the supports reputation and longevity?
  7. How long is the equipment warranty? For New Tractors This Is IMPORTANT. If you were selling a product and it would not make it though a three year warranty you would put a shorter warranty on it, right? Take warranty into consideration!!

REMEMBER - buying a tractor can be a 10-20 year experience. Make it a good one!

We at Joe's Services want you to be satisfied with your tractor purchase, whatever brand!!

Any help we can be with the above information PLEASE contact us.


We will point out some benefits as comparisons, if you wish.

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Joe's Services

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